Scientific research on Dr. Mohamed Kamel Rokan
1- The fall of the city of Ur and the end of the modern Sumerian era in ancient Iraq.
2- The beginning in the thought of Imam Reza, peace be upon him
3- The Aramaic language in Mesopotamia, a study in the light of archaeological data
4- The fall of Ur and the end of the Sumerian era in the Mesopotamian civilization
Scientific research on Dr. Sattar Abdul Hassan Jabbar Al-Fatlawi
1- The problem of translating the Quranic term
Scientific research on Dr. Jassim Shahd Wahd
1- Agriculture during the Old Babylonian era (2004- 1595 BC)
2- Imam Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba, peace be upon him, in the historical narratives of the public
Special Scientific Research Assistant Professor Ali Kazem Abbas
1- The coins of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Qahir Billah (320-322 A.H.) (932-934 A.D.)
2- A rare dinar of the Caliph Al-Radi Billah (322-329 A.H.) (934-940 A.D.)
Scientific research on Dr. Ahmed Lafta
1- The social implications of the reforms of the Sumerian king Uru-Inemkina (2365-2357 BC)
2- The orientations of the Assyrian kings of the first millennium BC towards inspecting the sources of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Asia Minor
Scientific Research for Ph.D. Student Walaa Sadiq Abd
1- Texts of work completion notes from Tell Abu Antak
Scientific research for the teacher, Haider Aqil Abdel-Reda
1- The works of King Abi-Sin, the last king of the third dynasty of Ur 2004-2028 BC.
2- A summary of violence and genocide in ancient Iraq
3- A summary of the heritage sites in the city of Karbala and their impact on national income
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